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Cutting edge technology for enforcement in-car solution combines high quality video surveillance of 360 degrees with one of the fastest ANPR algorithms from live video stream gives police officer set of fully automated tools for better traffic offence detection, ANPR to check technical inspection, insurance, stolen or wanted cars. In-car ANPR can analyse data from up to 5 cameras in real time providing instant result of detected vehicle allowing police officer to make faster decisions of action. Easy to use and ergonomic tablet is being use for operating the EUNOMIA interface therefor system installation on car is smooth and doesn’t require drilling holes and do wiring works on dash. Professional industrial PC based  is used for system backend in car which ensures robust and reliable technical solution to run EUNOMIA without any interruptions or faults. 



EUNOMIA features:

  • Fully automated ANPR. Algorithm checks whether number plate grows or descends to pick the best frame for analyse to have the best confidence.
  • Universal data interface for connection to different DB and registries.
  • UNIX based platform for better performance and reliability.
  • One touch video marking for offence detection, automated upload to backoffice.
  • Fast video playback for displaying the offence to offender.
  • Offence categorization on record – red light, reckless driving, cell phone usage, forbidden turn, general offence, public lane, illegal passing.

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