Complex Technology Solutions

JARVA is the technological company that uses complicated technologies and equipment, we generate ideas for the design and implementation of a specialized projects and offer civil and military products - for both private and state-owned companies.


We are focused on generating ideas and solutions that benefit our customers and partners, as well as offer our expertise in the specific fields. Our goal is to always be on the leading end of complex technology solutions.

We take total responsibility for the entire development process of the product – from creating it, till supporting our customers.

For us, strategic partnership means commitment to cooperation, developing together and creating competitive advantages for both parties. Our partners can focus on their core business, while we take the responsibility for maintenance and other support functions.

Our quality management is certified according to ISO9001, AQAP, we have ISO27001 and ISO20000 certificates for service quality and information safety as well. We ensure that the offered products and services are of the highest quality.


JARVA is a multi sector company with years of experience in different fields - from civil technologies and law enforcement to military vehicles and highly complex technologies for airports and logistical systems. Our main sectors of expertise are listed below.

Civil Technologies

Airport, logistics, ITS and law enforcement technologies

Machine vision

ANPR, mobile CCTV, redlight enforcement, traffic counting technologies

Military Technologies

Military vehicles with custom configuration SISU 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10

Software Development

Custom software develompent, UNIX based development expertise

Law Enforcement

Stationary speed enforcement, P2P speed enforcement, tolling and WIM technologies

Product Development

Product development and promotion on market, lifecycle maintenance


Complete In-Car Enforcement ANPR and CCTV solution

Our latest developed product EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is a fully developed enforcement tool with integrated ANPR, CCTV speed detection and data processing capabilities.

Our goal was to create a complete mobile in-car system for 360o fully automatic ANPR and CCTV functions for speed detection in motion. EUNOMIA TRAFFIC combines the latest and most strict ANPR requirements, as well as traffic violation detection on video and following categorization of the violation.

The system is Linux based rugged solution to be built in the car, it combines two most required properties - simplicity and ease of use. EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is created to openly accept different hardware - cameras, speed detection radars, lightbars and other items, and combines all these devices into one single system.

On October 15, 2021, JARVA, has concluded a contract No.SKV-L-2021/341 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia about the support within the project “Promotion of international competitiveness”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with the aim to promote “EUNOMIA TRAFFIC” on international market.


Office address

Tiraines street 1, LV-1058, Riga, Latvia